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Widely referred to as ICSE, The Indian Certificate Of secondary education is the examination overseen and supervised by Council for the Indian school Certificate Examination (CISCE), a personal board of education for class ten in india. The ICSE board is English medium and therefore the syllabus is in line with the New Education Policy of 1986. ICSE board is well structured, comprehensive and aims at building analytical skills and practical knowledge of its students

Oswaal books diligently observe the modifications which may transpire within the education sector over the period of time. each detail that our books contain, is generated by keeping in mind the understanding and progress of the scholars. we have a tendency to publish help books for primary boards like CBSE, ICSE, and different state boards. the standard of content that our books represent is unmatchable and includes worksheets, Oswaal ICSE Question Bank, sample papers, and a lot more. Our objective is to dispense content that’s pertinent and can help the scholars in a methodological study the whole year. our best provisions are not restricted to the help books that we offer. Students can even find periodic tests, concept videos, revision notes, and mind maps on our websites at no cost. we aim towards concept clarity by providing straightforward language and a good variety of questions.

Q.1: Which board is better in India ICSE or CBSE?


Both ICSE and CBSE boards are well-known and important boards in India that cater to education and overall development of students. However, when it comes to syllabus, curriculum, teaching methodology, marking scheme, and other factors there are some differences. You should keep in mind that it depends on the perspective from which you are looking at it. Let’s see how CBSE board is different from ICSE board and which one is better from which perspective:


It is a general agreement that the ICSE curriculum is thorough and a little bit harder than the curriculum of CBSE. However, you must keep in mind that the ICSE syllabus is focused on arts, literature, and science, whereas the CBSE syllabus focuses on science and mathematics. CBSE board prepares students for entrance exams like iits, whereas the ICSE syllabus makes sure that there’s an overall development of scholars.

Teaching methodology:

ICSE board believes in the all-round performance and assessment of students. this is reflected within the fact that two hundredth of the marks assigned in ICSE board are from an enclosed assessment. CBSE board believes in giving a strong foundation, therefore if you’re about to prepare for competitive exams, CBSE board will be a far better alternative. In easy terms, we will say that CBSE board is more organized on flow whereas ICSE board focuses on details.


ICSE board focuses on internal assessments to create an overall score. Also, it lays a lot of emphasis on science lab work and practical knowledge. Contrary to that, CBSE board puts less stress on internal assessment and science lab work. What you write in exams can decide your overall score.


If you wish to transfer places frequently, then CBSE board is ideal for you. With CBSE schools all over the India, it becomes straightforward to change schools. ICSE board isn’t that current so it is a little tough once you need to transfer from one school to another.

So, there’s not a transparent answer to that is better – CBSE or ICSE board. It depends on several things which are mentioned above. now you’ll be able to analyze which one is better for your education.

Q.2: How difficult is it to get 90 %in ICSE?

Scoring 90% marks and above in ICSE board may seem like a difficult and an unachievable task. However, it is not that hard. There are some sure-shot tricks and tips that will definitely get you there.

  • Start the preparation right from the beginning of the year.
  • Give more focus on English as it will be a compulsory subject in your best of 5.
  • Practice the last 10 years’ question papers.
  • Revise all units regularly, don’t leave that for the last moment.
  • Present your answer in a lucid and detailed manner.
  • The regular and smart study is the key, also don’t get stressed out.

Q.3: Can I use a gel pen in ICSE?

Gel pens are not permitted during exams in ICSE board. You can use good quality blue or black ball pen to write your answer sheet. Use pencils for drawings and graphs.

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