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ISC board stands for Indian school certificate and also the ISC examination is managed by the council for Indian school certificate examination for class twelfth. under the ISC curriculum, the topics are lined extensively together with a detailed description. The structure followed by ISC helps in providing in-depth knowledge of each subject that makes working towards competitive exams a bit uncomplicated.

Oswaal books strictly and continuously keep a track of changes within the education sector which will happen over the time to provide the students with efficient yet perceivable content. the material we tend to generate is always following the present syllabus and keeping in mind the comprehension by students of various aptitudes. we tend to print help books for leading boards as well as ISC, ICSE, CBSE, and lots of different important state boards. The range of books that we tend to publish is incomparable and includes worksheets, Oswaal ISC Question Bank, lab manuals, sample papers, and much more. Our objective is to provide content accuracy to help the students in systematic study throughout the year. Aside from help books, students can also discover videos, periodic tests, revision notes, and mind maps on our web site that are accessible free of cost.

The ISC curriculum help books by Oswaal accommodate ISC examination papers from previous years, marking theme, written topper’s answer sheets, and modified questions as per the updated CISCE curriculum. Our book also includes special comments by the examiners on the topics that are found troublesome by the students.

Q.1: Are ICSE and ISC the same?

ICSE(Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and ISC(Indian school Certificate) each referred for the examination of various grades. each examinations are conducted by the CISCE(Council for the Indian school Certificate Examination). ICSE is the examination conducted for the students of grade ten. ISC mentioned the examination of the grade twelve students. CISCE suggests students refer to ISC reference books, Oswaal ISC Question Bank, and alternative helpful books to get the most effective results.

Q.2: Can ISC students crack IIT? 

Experienced faculties counsel students score over 83 within the board examination to induce admission in the IIT. To secure the seat in the IIT students will have to be compelled to clear the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. ISC reference books and ISC help books cover all the curriculum and provides in-depth knowledge with elaborated clarification and examples. hard work in a very good manner can help ISC students to crack IIT for higher education. we would suggest solving the ISC question banks and ISC sample papers for a lot of practice.

Q.3: Is ISC English tough?

Nothing is hard for students if they will be guided accordingly. Yes, with no doubt the grammar level of ISC English is quite higher than the rest of the state boards. But ISC help books and ISC reference books are proven helpful for students to gain knowledge with much less difficulties.

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