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Karnataka PUC

Karnataka board supervised Karnataka Pre-University Certificate exams that are famously known as Karnataka PUC. PUC course is an intermediate course for a period of two years. The PUC course is considered as a bridge course as anyone who needs to seek admission in an Indian university has to clear this examination for university-level education.

In order to keep our content updated under the education sector, Oswaal books consistently and thoroughly are always on the lookout for any changes that happen over time in the information. we try for the satisfaction of scholars and everything we have a tendency to generate aims towards their understanding and better performance. Our books vary relying upon the boards you choose as we publish help books for all the leading boards like CBSE, Karnataka PUC, ICSE, and more.

The material we generate is of top quality and it includes question banks, lab manuals, worksheets, sample papers, and much more. With the foremost relevant content, the students are ready to study in an exceedingly systematic manner throughout the year. the advantages aren’t restricted to only help books because the students will notice maps, revision notes, concept videos, and periodic tests on our web site at no cost.

This book is solely according to the present PUC curriculum and contains all questions necessary from the preparation point of view. Students can also find the summary for each chapter that constitutes important points from that chapter. The scope of this extends to each teachers and students. It is chosen as an ideal teaching guide and students will effectively follow for the same.

Q.1: What is Karnataka PUC?

The full-form of Karnataka PUC is a pre-university course which is basically an intermediate (10+2) course. Duration of this course is 2 years and it is managed by the state of Karnataka at the end of the second year of PUC for university admissions.

Q.2: Which group should I opt-in Karnataka PUC for engineering?

First of all, you need to be clear about your interests and career goals. One must analyse their interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Those who have a keen interest in engineering may enroll themselves for PCM or PCMC/PCME.

Now addressing the question of selection between PCMC & PCME, PCMC is most popular over PCME.

Under PCME your knowledge is going to be preferred to physics whereas in PCMC you’ll be ready to find out about computers additionally as essential components of physics.

Someone who is invested with in learning parts is eventually learning everything regarding electronic components.

Also, in case of job opportunities, the PCMC course underneath PUC Karnataka may help in procuring a good job as this course offers interesting choices for higher studies and ensures a bright career within the future.

Q.3: What is the difference between 11th and 12th CBSE and Karnataka PUC?

Now there’s no distinction between eleventh & twelfth CBSE and Karnataka PUC in terms of the curriculum as Karnataka state board also follows NCERT textbooks like CBSE. The distinction lies within the exam patterns of both CBSE and PUC.

The PUC board examinations are considered easier compared to CBSE board as it offers broad concept. those who need to give competitive exams in future, CBSE curriculum might work in favour of them as it offers a deeper understanding of each subject and also the curriculum of JEE main is also lined in NCERT.

If one desires to choose between the two then ensure you’ve got a clear idea about what you wish to do after twelfth.

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